About Us

“The ideas for the products that we produce, many of which I have thought about since my own childhood, are things that I find fun and interesting. It is my sincere hope that you will as well.”

yasushi Ochi

Yasushi Ochi
President & Founder
BLD Oriental Co., Ltd

Yu Kids is designed and manufactured in Japan by BLD Oriental Co., Ltd

BLD Oriental began in 1998 with express purpose of manufacturing and marketingour original ideas. Although Yu Kids is our primary focus, we hold over 150 patents ranging from vending machines and amusement devices to new, innovative types of restaurants and entertainment centers. Additionally we operate a theme park in Osaka, Japan dedicated to the creative process.

In the coming years it is our goal to not only expand Yu Kids all over the world, butto develop new ideas not only for children, but for young adults and adults as well

Head Office / Kids-0
Head Office / Kids-0